Project Engineer 项目工程师 _ 要求法语

职务 商贸
北京, 中国
公司行业 能源 - 提炼 - 核工业
合同类型 长期合同
所需职业经历 2-5年



The goal is to become a key member of project management team.

The commencement of the mission will be the immediate support to a very large project’s negotiation on the critical phase. The necessary on-job training will be accompanied and organized to obtain better understanding of the Project duringan integration period. 

Atthe same time, participation or involvement in other fuel cycle back-end projects.

Key Responsibilities

-   Facilitate project preparation:

o   Understanding of the project background in reading related documents

o   Active exchanges with the manager and other colleagues of the team

o   Training in France within project team and/or reference facility

o    Value proposition to the good running of the negotiation

-   Participate negotiation

o    Able to translate in both way in French and in Chinese

o    Helping the right comprehension of French colleagues on messages delivered by Chinese customers and explaining in a professional way the messages of French colleagues to Chinese customers. 

-   Assume a key responsibility in the Project management team in China as soon as the negotiation is finalized and the contract is signed.

-   Take other missions in the field of the competencies.

Candidate Requirement: 

Engineering degree (nuclear or chemicalor other domain) or equivalent;

5 years in an international environment managing and/or participating in project

Chinese as native language; Fluent in French; Good ability to read and speak English;