Emission Design Engineer

职务 设计 - 工程技术
上海, 中国
公司行业 汽车
合同类型 长期合同
所需职业经历 2-5年


Master degree

3-5 years’ experience

Good knowledge of PWT functioning principles and AVL CONCERTO preferred

Responsible of emission control system function for various projects. 

Focus on emission control system regarding the company’s quality, cost, delay and performance targets. 

Responsible of its function from the design phase to the integration phase

Studies the feasibility of the regulation and design of the emission control system

Manage and validate Three Way Catalyst/Gasoline Particulate Filter design

Participate in the emission calibration works and provides samples as needed

homologation/COP/ISC/quality issues

Responsible for the emission control system design for gasoline engine and hybrid powertrain application.

Manage the exhaust parts design from functional point of view:

Engine raw emissions and thermal behavior

Catalyst and sensor distribution

Three Way Catalyst/Gasoline Particulate Filter efficiency, geometry and location, and related chemical/combustion knowledge

Chinese specifications and regulation

Determine the efficiency-price optimized emission control system, regarding the emission calibration capability for each application

Engine bench/oven aging design

Vehicle emission/OSC tests with calibration and ECU mapping

Cost reduction project management

RFQ and quality specification writing

Good knowledge of French preferred

Team player with strong communication skills

Good English in both oral and written

Contact : laurence.lusang@vidoukin.com