Junior Legal Counsel

职务 法律
beijing, 中国
公司行业 能源 - 提炼 - 核工业
合同类型 长期合同
所需职业经历 2-5年

           (1) Orano (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd.

  • Board of Directors (“BoD”):

    • assist the General Counsel in drafting and preparing the BoD files;

    • record, follow up and file the BoD files.

  • Contracts: 

    • draft, review, modify and translate contracts;

    • record, follow up and file contracts.

  • Daily Legal Affairs (assist the General Counsel): 

    • draft, modify, translate and follow up the legal documents;

    • search, update and provide the laws and regulations and related advices upon the requests of other departments;

    • provide proactive legal assistance and advice on various legal issues;

    • participate in, provide legal assistance and follow up the administrative formalities;

    • liaise with the external counsel.

  • Department internal affairs support and arrangement:

    • search, negotiate and liaise with the service providers related to the legal department;

    • expense application and reports for the affairs related to legal department.    

       (2) Orano Subsidiaries/Projects in China

      • Provide the professional support and advices to the subsidiaries and the project negotiations;

      • Participate in Orano Projects in China : contracts, negotiations, advices etc.;

      • Provide legal assistance and follow up administrative formalities in setting up/changing/closing entities;

      • Review and modify the contracts upon the requests of the subsidiaries;

      • Contact and communicate with the subsidiaries                                             

        Requirement:Bachelor degree in law or above

        2- 3 years of legal experience;English: excellent;French: preferred