Pleiades Children's Hospital
Pleiades Children's Hospital
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As a Sino-Foreign Equity Joint Venture (EJV), Pleiades dedicates in high quality health care for children, with headquarter in Wuhan City, China.
Believing in humanity, and dignity—the core values of medical professionalism, Pleiades values high-quality medical care, whose providers and receivers both should be respected.
Pleiades provides primary and specialist care for children, from prevention to surgeries. Some specialist cares also open to adults. More than 50 physicians serve for the hospital. And the president of medical affairs ——MD WANG Zhinan,is Top 10 Pediatric ENT doctor in China.
The main hospital occupies six floors, 8000m2,with 100 beds, providing following medical cares: Pediatrics, Children's health and Development, ENT, Ophthalmology, Dentistry, General Surgery, Allergy, Radiology, Health Check-up, etc.

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