F.D.S (Shenzhen) Investment & Management CO.,LTD
F.D.S (Shenzhen) Investment & Management CO.,LTD
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ReWineMe Premium Wine Importer
  The mission is being the elegance, romance, happiness, healthy wine culture distributor.
  Enjoying wine is Culture & Life Style. At ReWineMe we are very passionate about wines and are dedicated to introducing the best possible products in the world of wine.
  ReWineMe Specialises in Family owned Domains or Chateaux mainly from France and Spain. We are now exclusively distributing 100 labels from Europe to Hotels, Restaurants, Specialised wine Shops. High-end retail chains and Private customers all over China.
  ReWineMe Focuses on Good quality wines carefully selected by our team of wine sommeliers. We are playing an active role in the Chinese market place by implementing wine education programs in China on special tasting events and wine dinners.
  With the dynamism and experience & professional services Of ReWineMe team, we have made a contribution to one of the most successful story’s in the Chinese Market today!

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