Content Writer/Developer (B2B Marketing)

Fonction Autre
上海, Chine
Secteurs d'activité Services Divers aux entreprises
Type de contrat CDI
Expérience requise 0 à 2 ans

We need someone who:

  • Is quality-driven: wants to write content that is more than “good enough”.
  • Can take raw notes and/or materials from our experts and turn it into tight, well-organized writing.
  • Is comfortable researching & writing about multiple industries and technologies, even when not a specialist. 
  • Can “translate” jargon into language that a wider audience will understand. 
  •  Can take feedback, continually learn and improve.
  • Is excited about big ideas, emerging technologies, sustainability, business & economics.
  • Knows English grammar and punctuation in and out. Is familiar with the conventions and styles of different media and mediums. 
  •  Has relevant experience and writing background: journalism, content marketing, or editing. If you have a portfolio or writing samples, show us!

Key Duties

  • Help research, interview and collect materials for content from relevant stakeholders and in-house experts.
  • Write regular posts and news updates for LinkedIn, articles for our website, occasional brochure and website text, etc. Revise based on feedback from Content Marketing Manager and stakeholders.
  • Occasional proofreading of internal documents and content produced by third-party support. 
  • Help brainstorm content and proactively suggest content.
  • Liaise and follow up with different teams as needed for content.

Apply for Job: Please submit your resume and any writing samples to 

Présentation de l'entreprise
ADEN is an international group, headquartered in Shanghai, China. We are a leading integrated facility management service provider, offering one-stop-shop solutions, with several core businesses: Maintenance, Energy Services, Building Management systems, Security, Foodservice, Cleaning, HR Management solutions, and Forklift Rental services.
We have over 26,000 employees worldwide and more than 23,000 employees at over 60 locations in China. Our clients include factories, R&D Centers, office buildings, residential areas, hotels, schools, hospital/clinics as well as oil, gas and mining companies for remote management projects. We serve more than 850 clients.
We are a people-oriented company. Our greatest pride is the men and women who bring our business to life around the world every day. To join ADEN means that you share in our values and will share our rapid development in China or abroad. We are committed to providing an open environment for all our team members to build their careers and their dreams and deliver their best!