Energy Research Scientist 能源研究科学家

职务 科学
上海, 中国
公司行业 能源 - 提炼
合同类型 长期合同
所需职业经历 2-5年


  • Develop data-driven tools for estimating the boundaries and potentials of district energy systems, and for optimizing CAPEX and OPEX of district energy projects;
  • Use advanced information technologies to integrate building energy management with district energy systems for energy savings and occupant comfort;
  • Design new performance contracting business models for motivating the adoption of advanced building energy management and district energy systems; 
  • Work with engineering and business development teams for energy R&D work;
  • Participate in the development of visualization tools for supporting decision making of engineers, urban planners, and government officials;
  • Publish and present research outcomes at conferences, workshops, and industry events;


  • Engineering degree relevant to building science, energy engineering and technologies, civil engineering, or electrical engineering. 
  • Advanced knowledge and experience of building energy efficiency, HVAC, and district energy (heating, cooling, and power) systems;
  • Deep knowledge and experience of energy modeling tools, such as EnergyPlus, TRANSYS, EnergyPro; 
  • Excellent written and good verbal communication skills of English or French;
  • Experience of building energy and district energy related design codes and standards;
  • Knowledge and experience of data processing and analytics, machine learning, sensor networks, cloud computing, and other artificial intelligence relevant areas;
  • Programming skills such as Python, R, Matlab, SQL

• ENGIE(原苏伊士环能)集团在全球拥有15万名雇员,2017年营业额为650亿欧元,业务遍及全球70多个国家。ENGIE集团是全球清洁能源领军企业。
• ENGIE集团是全球领先的独立发电商,总装机容量为1个多亿千瓦,其中低碳电力占比达90%以上。ENGIE 也是欧洲领先的基础设施运营商,拥有欧洲主要天然气输配管网,其天然气储存能力达120亿立方米。ENGIE还是全球领先的城市能源解决方案提供商。