Energy Research Scientist 能源研究科学家

Fonction Sciences
上海, Chine
Secteurs d'activité Energie - Extraction
Type de contrat CDI
Expérience requise 2 à 5 ans


  • Develop data-driven tools for estimating the boundaries and potentials of district energy systems, and for optimizing CAPEX and OPEX of district energy projects;
  • Use advanced information technologies to integrate building energy management with district energy systems for energy savings and occupant comfort;
  • Design new performance contracting business models for motivating the adoption of advanced building energy management and district energy systems; 
  • Work with engineering and business development teams for energy R&D work;
  • Participate in the development of visualization tools for supporting decision making of engineers, urban planners, and government officials;
  • Publish and present research outcomes at conferences, workshops, and industry events;


  • Engineering degree relevant to building science, energy engineering and technologies, civil engineering, or electrical engineering. 
  • Advanced knowledge and experience of building energy efficiency, HVAC, and district energy (heating, cooling, and power) systems;
  • Deep knowledge and experience of energy modeling tools, such as EnergyPlus, TRANSYS, EnergyPro; 
  • Excellent written and good verbal communication skills of English or French;
  • Experience of building energy and district energy related design codes and standards;
  • Knowledge and experience of data processing and analytics, machine learning, sensor networks, cloud computing, and other artificial intelligence relevant areas;
  • Programming skills such as Python, R, Matlab, SQL

Présentation de l'entreprise
ENGIE (ex. GDF SUEZ) employs 150,000 employees worldwide and achieved revenues of €65 billion in 2017. The Group is one of the leading global players in energy, present in nearly 70 countries.
ENGIE is the world’s leading independent power producer, with 103 GW of total installed capacity, of which >90% are low-CO2 power generation. ENGIE is European leader in natural gas infrastructure. It has one of the major transport and distribution networks in Europe, and 12bcm of storage capacity. ENGIE is also a global leader in energy solutions for cities.